Agates and Jaspers are a crypto-crystalline (crystals too small to be seen even by a microscope) variety of quartz, known as chalcedony. The varieties of chalcedony are divided more by character than by color. Chalcedony is divided into a host of gemstones that have been named for locally common varieties. Some of the more beautiful types have retained their names on a world-wide basis while other names have faded into obscurity as many of the relatively small local deposits became exhausted. Some of the more common of these types are chrysoprase (a pure green agate), sard (a yellow to brown agate), sardonyx (banded sard), onyx (black and white agate), carnelian (a yellow to orange agate), flint (a colorful and microscopically fibrous jasper), jasper (a colorful opaque agate) and bloodstone (a green with red speckled jasper).



Earth Relics’ Durable Gold Plating

All of our plating is done in-house, and we carefully monitor the thickness and design of the gold plate. Our electroformed gold meets the government's standards for gold plate, producing a very durable and brilliant finish.

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Botswana Agate


Botswana Agate


Geode Slice


Botswana Agate

Note that all pendants are one of a kind. Please do not increase quantities on the shopping cart page.

If you like our gold-dipped pendants, check out our custom electroforming services.


Botswana Agate

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