18kt Gold-Dipped Shark Teeth

Shark teeth are among the most fascinating fossils in the world. Several hundred species have been identified by scientists, representing a wide range of shapes and sizes. These beautiful teeth have been fashioned into jewelry for hundreds of years, and remain very popular today.

Selecting from the finest collection of fossil shark teeth, we offer an assortment of shark teeth plated in beautiful 18 kt. gold. Each tooth is unique.



Earth Relics’ Durable Gold Plating

All of our plating is done in-house, and we carefully monitor the thickness and design of the gold plate. Our electroformed gold meets the government's standards for gold plate, producing a very durable and brilliant finish.

  • The photo to the left shows some of the variations of the types of teeth available. There will be variations in the size, shape and color of teeth, since no two teeth are alike. Each row in the photo shows one type of tooth and how it can vary in appearance.

  • Select from several styles of shark teeth on the gallery photos shown at the bottom of the page.

Higher-quality Shark Tooth Pendants

From time to time we set aside shark teeth from our collection that are greatly superior in their color, shape and natural design. These teeth are sold individually, for those who prefer the highest quality. Our gallery pages have several beautiful specimen quality teeth for you to select from. Click here to search for that tooth that meets your higher standards.

To see all of the fossil pendants that we sell (coral, dinosaur eggshell, and so on), click here. To see all of the types of pendants that we sell (agates, jaspers, amethyst and quartz crystals, and so on), click here.

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[Representative photo]


Quantity Discount for 10 pairs of fossil shark tooth earrings on gold-filled wires (4 or more types)


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